6-week Kickstarter

Weight Loss & Nutrition Coaching




Through this intensive 6-week program, you will receive all of the tools you need to achieve and maintain the healthiest version of you. Using a Cognitive Behavioral Approach, I will empower you to break through cycles of unhealthy choices and remove obstacles standing in between you and your best self.

The program includes:

  • Six weeks of direct messaging and email support from Coach Alyson

  • A one-hour weekly Skype consultation

  • Weekly menus, shopping lists, and recipes

  • Nutrition education and emotional eating support

During this time, you will adopt techniques that help you battle urges to overindulge at parties, on weekends, and during the holidays. You will understand food on a scientific level, from how food is processed to the way it makes you feel.

When fueled with the right foods, you feel energized and satiated for hours and have mental clarity as opposed to feeling tired, hungry and depressed after a meal. There is no diet out there that encapsulates what is best for you. Each person in their journey to better health needs to find their own perfect macro ratio balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat. I am here to support you when you fall, but also help motivate you and hold you accountable until you reach your goal.

Every 6 weeks, I take on ONE person to go through this journey with. The cost is $700 USD or 70,000 yen, (depending on the currency you choose to pay). Currently, there is a 2 month waitlist. To be considered for this program, please submit the form below. I will contact you two weeks prior to your potential start date when your name comes up on the waitlist. At that time, I will conduct a short interview to see if your goals are in line with the program. If you don’t reply to my emails sent within a week time period, I move to the next name on the list. Sorry, there are no refunds once your payment is received and the process has started. 

Take the challenge and align your daily decisions with the healthy individual you innately are.

Please submit the form below to place your name on the wait list. 

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