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Take a holistic approach to cleansing

In collaboration with San Francisco based naturopathic doctor Hillary Fredrickson, AFC brings to you a unique and powerful LIVE group detox program (English only). Dr. Hillary and Coach Alyson will combine what they know best in a nurturing and supportive online environment where you can connect with health professionals. This detox isn't a miracle diet or cure; it isn't a fasting juice or rapid weight loss program either. We don't believe in those. It's a 10-day comprehensive detox protocol for your body and mind that we will go through together, step by step.

Make time to slow life down and focus on both eating and preparing satiating whole foods and exercising regularly. We don't sell shakes, but we do provide an optional list of supplements. If it comes from a box or package, we don't want you to consume it.


 This medically guided holistic approach includes: 

  • Daily guidance that begins three days prior to the first day of the cleanse and continues through the cleanse week
  • Behavioral change support

  • HIIT workout PDFs and videos from Coach Alyson

  • Group coaching experience

  • Online support community

  • Exclusive access to webinar classes given by Dr. Hillary

  • Menus, recipes, and grocery lists


Why detox? 

Our bodies can only do so much trying to process the foods we eat and the toxins we come in contact with each day. Our bowels, liver, and kidneys work hard to filter the toxins in our environment from pesticides, flame retardants, pollution, medication, food preservatives, colorings and additives, residue from plastic bottles, packaging and dishware, and household cleaners. The list goes on. Your body has a limit to how much it can process and still maintain its health. When you detox you take stress off of the organs that detoxify the body, which helps them function at their best.

Detoxing includes many benefits, including

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Decreased stress and improve sleep

  • Increased fresh, healthy foods in diet

  • Eliminated sugar, caffeine, and carbohydrate cravings

  • Optimized digestion

  • Restored mental function and memory

This program is a restart button that will quickly catapult you to a place where you are flowing with energy, your digestion has improved, you are free of cravings, and you are motivated to work out! 


How it works

For your convenience, we are currently offering two sessions of the same course.

Session 1 Start Date: TBD

Session 2 Start Date: TBD

A complete Detox Guide in PDF format will be emailed to participants before the cleanse begins. The guide includes the diet plan, shopping lists, and recipes. Registered participants will be given details to join the closed private Facebook group that opens three days prior to the first day of the cleanse. Facing diet and lifestyle changes alone is incredibly difficult, but leaning on the support of those who are making the same changes is helpful, fun, and uniting. Program creators will engage with participants and disseminate all information through the secure Facebook group.


Don't detox if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, elderly, have high blood pressure, are underweight or against your health practitioner's recommendation. If you are concerned about your health, book an appointment with your doctor who will advise a correct treatment plan.



DR. Hillary Fredrikson

Dr. Hillary Fredrickson, ND is a licensed naturopathic physician who received her medical training at Bastyr University and has been in clinical practice since  2004. Dr. Fredrickson loves to partner with her patients and work together to find their natural state of homeostasis and wellness. Her intention is to integrate the best of new scientific research and developments with age-old healing wisdom to create health and balance for her patients. Dr. Fredrickson deeply believes in using food as medicine and utilizes many naturopathic therapies when necessary including: herbal medicine, nutrient therapy, detoxification, homeopathy, counseling, visualization exercises, stress reduction, hydrotherapy, and cranio-sacral and energy medicine. Dr. Fredrickson serves as the Naturopathic expert at Pediatric Alternatives, an integrative pediatric clinic in Mill Valley, California. Dr. Hillary is passionate about family health, specifically the mental and emotional health of mothers. Detoxification/cleansing is also a passion and specialty of Dr. Fredrickson, and she has supervised countless detox programs since 2004.


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