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How does this work?

Please contact me via email to schedule a training session indicating your location preference, days and times that work for you, and how many sessions a week you can commit to. The first personal training session is always free. After that, I ask that you purchase a package of 5 personal training sessions.


What can I expect upon meeting you the first time?

I perform an initial body assessment in the first session with each new client and can take measurements, if requested. My main focus is to help you connect to your body and engage the correct muscle groups with perfect form, targeting postural realignment and patterns of movement dysfunction. This is much harder than it sounds. No more throwing a weight around for a prescribed amount of times as fast as you can manage. Each movement is performed with precision and purpose to properly define and sculpt your body. There are multiple ways to go about achieving the level of fitness you desire. Because each body type is different, I focus on each client's goals and apply the principle of progressive overload specifically tailored to them each training session.


Can I train if I have in injury?

I am happy to accommodate one-on-one training or semi-private sessions to work around injuries. Please obtain a medical clearance before training or have your physiotherapist contact me regarding your specific case and necessary modifications. I am not able to modify group training classes for injuries.


Cancellation Policy

Appointments must be cancelled with 24-hour notice to avoid loss or forfeit of a session. I also understand that emergencies happen and will do my best to accommodate schedule changes.  



Please fill out the form below to schedule a training session. In the message section, include preferred location, days and times that work for you, and the number of days per week or month that you can commit to. 

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