Meet NASM Certified Personal Trainer




As a personal trainer, fitness-nutrition specialist, and Master of Clinical Social Work, Alyson has the skills and expertise to coach you physically and mentally to the best shape of your life.

After running a few marathons herself, Alyson began her fitness coaching career training groups of women who were preparing to run their first half-marathon. Whether you are a mother with high fitness aspirations, a professional athlete, a model, or an avid golfer, AFC will design a training program that addresses your specific postural and muscular areas of weakness as well as your overall fitness and nutrition needs.

Through Alyson’s detailed coaching, you will be empowered to live a self-motivated lifestyle of elite fitness and become the best version of you.



I am personal trainer and clinical social worker. My life-changing programs and workouts seamlessly combine the mind-body elements of exercise with motivational therapeutic coaching.  I believe fitness is a form of movement meditation that translates to the rest of your life. When you learn to be self motivated and refocus your thoughts during exercise, the resulting transformation is a powerful mind and body.

I assess each client each time they walk through my door and my training programs target the postural and muscular areas of weakness and dysfunction in order for them to achieve a well rounded form that enables them to be active throughout their life. That being said, I specialize in Glute and Core Training training frankly because I love it and focusing on my lower body programming has made me a more powerful athlete. Strong glutes and core stability is the driving force behind many physical activities. I want each client to get the most out of each session and working the lower body burns the most amount of calories, but because it's the foundation of support for the spine. Like so many, I sustained a back injury while snowboarding that left me in constant agonizing pain for more than a year until I changed my approach to training my body. From running, to cycling and kickboxing, building a strong foundation will make it possible to you to enjoy a lifetime of participating in sports and activities you love.

I started as a personal trainer organizing groups of women and training them to run their first marathon and now I have had the honor of training a professional athlete. My training programs are tailored to compliment your training goals from professional kick-boxers and models to moms who run marathons and executives who want to golf all weekend.

I use a Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic Approach in my life-changing 6-week KICKSTARTER Weight Loss & Nutrition Coaching Program that identify the triggers that keep you from reaching your ideal body.