AFC Approach

Adept Fitness Coaching’s life-changing programs seamlessly combine the mind and body elements of exercise through motivational-therapeutic coaching.


Photo by NiseriN/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by NiseriN/iStock / Getty Images

Train your mind

Training to becoming your best physical self requires absolute focus and unwavering self-motivation. Without the mental strength required to get from Point A to Point B, attaining a level of elite fitness is going to seem nearly impossible. But through AFC, working on the mental obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your fitness goals is just as important as the training itself.

Using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic Approach, your fitness coach will talk with you through your pain points to identify the triggers that keep you from reaching your ideal body. Whether you deal with emotional eating or a busy life that makes healthy living difficult, Alyson is a listening ear that understands your challenges and know how to combat them.

“I believe fitness is a form of movement meditation that translates to the rest of your life. When you learn to be self-motivated and refocus your thoughts during exercise, the resulting transformation is a powerful mind and body.” – Coach Alyson


With a newfound focus on fitness, you will receive a detailed and well-rounded training program catered to your goals.

Alyson specializes in Glute and Core Training because she has found lower-body programming is the key to becoming a more powerful athlete. These areas are your foundation. Athletes with stronger glutes and core stability have the potential outperform their competitors. Individuals who have sustained back injuries and other difficulties benefit greatly from strengthening their glutes and core. Additionally, lower-body workouts burn the most calories, which will help you get the most out of your training sessions. 

Aesthetically, Alyson trains men and women differently. All functional programs for men include glute and core training, but the most important aesthetic points - building the arms, chest, traps and shoulders will not be neglected. As for women, focusing on building round perky glutes as the driving source of power creates longer leaner legs and by adding upper back and core work, the overall muscle added to your frame enhances and amplifies the your new covetable hourglass figure.  

By establishing and maintaining a powerful foundation, you will dominate your morning runs, spartan races, triathlons, gym sessions, and all of the other activities you love most. Your strength will make them even more enjoyable.